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Steiff Pasen/Voorjaar

Ook voor het voorjaar/Pasen, zijn er leuke Limited items verschenen.

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Het gaat hier om verzamelartikelen voor volwassenen en niet om speelgoed voor kinderen onder de 12 jaar.

De genoemde prijzen zijn inclusief BTW.


2008 Steiff EAN 038433 Küken im Ei

2008 Steiff EAN 038433 KUIKEN in het EI, ORNAMENT, 7cm.

Limited edition of 2008 pieces.

paas-ornament, kuikentje van mohair.

gelimiteerd op 2008 stuks wereldwijd. 7cm. Het kuiken komt met doosje en certificaat.

Steiff 2014 ean 034329 trevira bunny

2014 Steiff EAN 034329 Bunny

2014 Steiff EAN 034329 Bunny, 7cm.

Limited edition of 1.500 pieces.


Steiff Bunny is one of the smallest animals from Steiff. She is not jointed, has a blue ribbon and airbrush details. Her nose and mouth are hand stitched.

Collectors item, not a toy.  

With box and certificate.

Steiff 2014 ean 034404 Diva

2014 Steiff EAN 034404 Diva Rabbit

2014 Steiff EAN 034404 Diva Rabbit, 10cm.

Limited edition of 1.500 pieces.

Gemaakt van wit Alpaca is Diva er klaar voor om in de hoed van Frederic te kruipen. Ze past er dan ook precies in. Diva heeft een geborduurde neus en mond, is gevuld met synthetisch materiaal en heeft airbrush details. Haar kop is geschijfd.

Diva komt met doos en certificaat.

Collectors item, geen speelgoed.  

2015 Steiff ean 682858 Bosom Bunny

2015 Steiff EAN 682858 Bosom Bunny

2015 Steiff EAN 682858 Bosom Bunny, 20cm / 8".

Everyone loves chocolate. And everyone will love Steiff's delightful Spring creation called Bosom Bunnies. It's a traditional 8 inch 'Niki-style' Steiff bunny. She is sewn from sumptuous yellow mohair and cream alpaca holding a cold cast resin 'chocolate' bunny like the ones you remember from childhood. Perfect for every Easter basket and adorable in your year-round Steiff display. Makes a thoughtful gift or a prized addition to your collection. Love chocolate? Love Steiff? Then Bosom Bunnies is for you! A 2015 North American exclusive edition limited to only 1500 pieces.


New item.

Collectors item only, not a toy.


Steiff 2013 ean 034589 Valerie

2013 Steiff EAN 034589 Valerie hase

2013 Steiff Valerie hase, EAN 034589, 17cm

Lim ed. of 1500 pieces.

Valerie rabbit, is 17 cm in size, made from blond alpaca, is 1-way jointed and is limited to 1500 pieces. She has safety eyes, airbrush details and filled with synthetic material.


Valentin and Valentina, issued in prior years, have given birth to a daughter named Valerie. She features all the best qualities of her esteemed parents. Valerie is sewn from highest quality delightfully curly alpaca. She has a hand-stitched nose and mouth. Her dress is light pink in a Vichy square pattern. To complement her fashions, sweet pink airbrushing on her nose, bottom lip, and ears have been added. Her felt paw pads are also airbrushed, but in brown tones. On her right ear, she wears two delicate pink roses. Her feet are carded and flat so she can stand.



Collectors item only, not a toy.



2016 Steiff EAN 021534 Steiff Mommel Rabbit

2016 Steiff EAN 021534 Steiff Mommel Rabbit, 14cm.

Limited edition of 1000 pieces.

Mommel Rabbit is made out of brown alpaca and sitting up. His surface is washable. He is stuffed with synthetic filling material. He has black safety eyes and has airbrush details. He is carrying his felt carrot.  He has a box and certificate and comes with a gold plated Button in ear.


new item.

collectors item only, not a toy.