kidz n cats laura_750x750

KIDZ N CATS With heart and soul

Lovely dolls, perfectly dressed.

The Kidz n Cats are discontinued. All dolls sold out now.

Some dress sets still available.


Lovely dressed 11-way jointed dolls, 46cm.

The collection contains girls, boys and mini's. The dolls for your doll.

The dolls are now sold out. A few outfits still available. 


The Cats are separately available.

Also a large Fashion collection for the 46cm dolls and mini dolls.

kidz n cats kleding reitkostuem

Kidz 'n Cats dress set riding costume

kidz n cats wintertraum-set

Kidz n Cats Winterdream

kidz cats kl rainy day

Kidz n Cats Rainy Day set

kidz cats outfit johann

Kidz 'n Cats outfit Johan

kidz n cats bekleidung_paulette

Kidz'n Cats Outfit Paulette

Kidz n Cats set 1 mini kleding

kidz'n cats minikleiderset_2

Kidz n Cats mini set 2

kidz n cats minikleiderset_3

Kidz 'n Cats dress set mini dolls

kidz n cats minikleid_rose

Kidz n Cats mini dress set ballet

kidz n cats minischuhe_rosa b

Kidz n Cats mini shoes pink

kidz n cats minischuhe_rosa

Kidz n Cats mini pink shoes

kidz n cats minischuhe_blau

Kidz n Cats mini blue shoes

kidz cats jana 2017

Kidz 'n Cats Jana

kidz cats nadine 2017

Kidz 'n Cats Nadine

kidz cats lukas 2017

Kidz 'n Cats Lukas

kidz n cats mini_lenchen

Kidz n Cats mini Lenchen

kidz n cats mini_lottchen

Kidz n Cats mini Lottchen

kidz n cats mini_gretchen

Kidz n Cats mini Gretchen

kidz n cats outfits_grace_5615

Kidz 'n Cats outfit Grace

outfit nora mit schuh

Kidz 'n Cats outfit Nora

kidz n cats minikleid_jeans_set

Kidz n Cats mini dress set jeans

Boots and tight Arielle

kidz n cats minikleid_laura_set

Kidz n Cats mini dress set yellow summer dress

kidz n cats mini_finchen

Kidz n Cats mini Finchen