steiff ean 026805 camillo


The classic collection. Mohair and Alpaca.

Big or small, a lot of choice in the Classic Teddy Bear collection of Steiff.

Made of high quality mohair or alpaca.

The classic collection is for adult collectors and teddy lovers, they are not intended as toy.

For our Teddy collection for children, click HERE.

Steiff 028168 Mini Teddy lichtbruin /light brown /hellbraun*

Steiff 028151 Mini Teddy donkerbruin / darkbrown /dunkelbraun*

Steiff Paddy

Steiff 027222 Paddy Teddy 140 jaar Steiff*

2016 steiff ean 000904 mohair teddy bear lotte

Steiff EAN 000904 Lotte Mohair Teddy bear

steiff item 039782 samantha

Steiff EAN 039782 Pendant Samantha Teddy bear

steiff ean 026775 mini teddy bear in sock (1)

Steiff EAN 026775 Mini teddy bear in stocking russet

steiff ean 026768 mini teddy bear in sock (1)

Steiff EAN 026768 Mini Teddy bear in stocking white

steiff ean 026782 nic teddy bear with christmas tree

Steiff EAN 026782 Teddy Nic with Christmas tree

steiff ean 026751 teddy bear with christmas stocking

Steiff EAN 026751 Teddy with stocking

steiff ean 026836 vintage memory kay

Steiff EAN 026836 Vintage Memories Kay Teddy

steiff ean 026850 vintage memory tess

Steiff EAN 026850 Vintage Memories Tess Teddy

steiff ean 026799 tokyo teddy bear

Steiff EAN 026799 Great Escapes Tokyo Teddy bear

steiff ean 026904-munich-teddy-bear

Steiff EAN 026904 Great Escapes München Teddy bear

steiff ean 026911 edinburgh-teddy-bear

Steiff EAN 026911 Great Escapes Edinburgh Teddy bear

steiff ean 026867 great escapes london

Steiff EAN 026867 Great Escapes London Teddy

steiff ean 026874 great escapes new york

Steiff EAN 026874 Great Escapes New York Teddy

steiff ean 026881 great escapes paris

Steiff EAN 026881 Great Escapes Paris Teddy

steiff ean 034114 pendant wedding teddy bear set

Steiff EAN 034114 Pendant wedding teddy bear set

steiff ean 026928 wildlife bear

Steiff EAN 026928 Giftbox bear

2017 steiff ean 028922 lovely mini teddy bear

Steiff EAN 028922 Mini Teddybeer Lovely

steiff ean 009167 classic 1950 teddy bear

Steiff EAN 009167 Classic 1950 Teddy Bear

steiff ean 040191 mini teddy crocus

Steiff EAN 028892 Crocus Teddy bear mini

steiff ean 028892 mini teddybear present

Steiff EAN 028892 Mini Teddy Bear with present

Steiff 026645 Leo Mini Teddy