2016 mini minouche rosalie

Silvia Natterer

Käthe Kruse Mini Minouche, the smallest of the Käthe Kruse dolls.

sold out completely


From 2009 on, Sylvia Natterer has dolls made by Käthe Kruse. The Mini Minouche are now the only ones still available.


They have a head, arms and legs from vinyl and a soft cloth body. All have painted hair.


Recommended age: 18 months +.


Only a few extra outfits are still available.


The new Sylvia Natterer dolls: Minouche, Finouche, Bebe and Starlett are made by Petitcollin.



Käthe Kruse

Dress set Holly

Dress set Holly, 27cm.

Set Holly:




(The carrier bag of Holly is no part of this set).