Käthe Kruse Schummelchen Gerda

Käthe Kruse Schummelchen


Schummelchen is the second design of Hanne Kruse. Schummelchen is soft, the body is filled with foam but has a wire skeleton and can be posed in different positions. It has a real hari wig and hand painted eyes.


Special offers of Käthe Kruse dolls in  THE ATTIC (dolls from collections, very nicely priced)en op de MARKTKRAAM (reduced new dolls).


Käthe Kruse
ong. 6 weken.
2017 Käthe Kruse Maylin

Käthe Kruse 2017 Schummelchen Maylin

Käthe Kruse 2017 Schummelchen Maylin, 34 cm


shows Asian Charm. She wears a delicate pink crêpe de chine

blouse made of pure silk, decorated with a bow. Around her waist

the girl is wearing a sash. The fancy skirt with fine floral elements

is floor length. Her pearl colored shoes are tied with pink ribbons.

The lovingly Asian face and her black hair give the doll this special



collectors item, not a toy.


Available as long as doll is available at the factory.


Käthe Kruse Schummelchen Gerda

Schummelchen Gerda collectie 2006 34cm




Collectors item, not a toy.




Käthe Kruse Bastian

Käthe Kruse Schummelchen Bastian

Schummelchen Bastian 34cm

Bastian from our privat collection.

collectors item, not a toy.  


Käthe Kruse Erustl

Käthe Kruse Schummerle Erustl

Schummerle Erustl

Erustl from our private collection, he has his box but his tag is loose. His had is discoloured.

collectors item, not a toy.



Käthe Kruse
kk schummelchen blond
Käthe Kruse Schummelchen

Käthe Kruse Schummelchen

Käthe Kruse Schummelchen, about 2001: 34cm.

This Schummelchen, name unknown,  is form a smoke free private collection. She is wearing an original Käthe Kruse dress and in very good condition. No box.


collectors item, not a toy