2017 kathe kruse rosalinde

Käthe Kruse Rumpumpel


Rumpumpel is handstuffed with deer hair. Eyes and mouth are hand painted with oil paint. The wig is real hair. Rumpumpel is 32cm in size.


We have sometimes nicely priced Rumpumpels from private Collections for sale.

Käthe Kruse
ong. 6 weken.
2017 Käthe Kruse Rosalinde

Käthe Kruse 2017 Rumpumpel Rosalinde

Käthe Kruse 2017 Rumpumpel Rosalinde, 32cm.


the brave doll child has dressed up for a festive occasion. The

shift dress made from sparkling fabric has front and back pleats

and is decorated with pink blossoms. Underneath she wears

a matching pink gray colored blouse with a Peter Pan collar.

Rosalinde's blonde hair is styled to particularly long braids.



Collectors item, not a toy.


Käthe Kruse
kk struwelliesel
Käthe Kruse Struwelliesel

Käthe Kruse Rumpumpel Struwelliesel

Käthe Kruse Rumpumpel Struwelliesel, first decade 21st century. 32 cm.

Limited edition 9/40

Struwelliesel is a special editon for Feldhaus, a toyshop in Cologne, Germany. She is nr 9 of 40 pieces. She comes from a smoke free collection and is in very good condition. She has no box or certificate.


Collectors item, not a toy