EAN: 006371

2017 Steiff EAN 006371 Stella Teddy Bear

2017 Steiff EAN 006371 Stella Teddy Bear, 13cm.

Limited edition of 1.000 pieces.

Stella Teddy bear

Item no. 006371, 13 cm

made of high quality alpaca, white,

5-way jointed, surface washable,

limited edition of 1,000 pieces,

with gold-plated “Button in Ear”


Collector’s item only, not a toy.


A star on Earth shows us the way. This year, Stella Teddy bear sets out on her journey

as a heavenly ambassador. She blends in almost unnoticed with the colourful hustle and

bustle of the pre-Christmas season, conveying a calming sense of wisdom together with

the silver light of countless stars from the Milky Way. Stella’s soles and paws are decorated

with silver-coloured sequins, while her silver nose has been stitched by hand. As well as

this, she has a classy white coat of velvety-soft alpaca and a crystal star pendant around

her neck. And the gold-plated Button in Ear distinguishes her as a member of our special

Steiff collector’s edition. Let Stella brighten up your life!