EAN: 006739

2017 Steiff EAN 006739 Gabriel Teddy in bauble ornament

2017 Steiff EAN 006739 Gabriel Teddy in bauble ornament, 10cm.

Limited edition of 500 pieces.

sold out

Gabriel Teddy bear in bauble ornament

Item no. 006739, 10 cm

made of finest mohair, white,

5-way jointed, surface washable,

limited edition of 500 pieces,

with gold-plated “Button in Ear”


Collector’s item only, not a toy.


The Archangel Gabriel proclaims the Christmas message. Anyone who already owns Steiff

bauble ornaments will be delighted at this new addition to the collection. And for everyone

else, the angel is the ideal starting point for a new passion: hand-blown in Germany, the

glass bauble allows the ornaments to be viewed from all sides, complete with a gold-plated

pewter end cap in the form of a crown bearing Steiff lettering. With his angelic face and

finely crafted angel’s body of finest mohair, Gabriel is a particularly attractive member of

the series – and, as a heavenly ambassador, an ideal gift for someone you love.