EAN: 006807

2018 Steiff EAN 006807 Hinda Doe

2018 Steiff EAN 006807 Hinda Doe, 22cm.

Limited edition of 1000 pieces.


made of high quality alpaca

russet, standing

surface washable

limited edition of 1,000 pieces

with gold-plated "Button in Ear"

22 cm, item no. 006807

Who is that out in the glade? A graceful wild animal with a friendly demeanour and no antlers. It is

Hinda, the proud doe. Measuring 22 cm in height and with a golden “Button in Ear”, she will be

roaming through our forest 1,000 times when springtime comes, keeping a close eye on her herd. You

can recognise Hinda from her large, gentle eyes, her light brown stomach and her black and white

inner ears.



Collectors item, not a toy.