Charlie Bears
EAN: CB181876

2018 Charlie Bears Lares

2018 Charlie Bears Lares, 76cm.

Lares is part of the Bigger Bear Collection.

Standing tall at 76cm(30") they will certainly make an impression and will be highly collectable, as they are all Limited Editions of only 1,000 worldwide.

LARES is a big, happy, free-standing bear.

He has a cuddly coat of warm, fudge coloured, long-pile fur, with a lighter muzzle. This has been gently shaved to show off his big, bold, hand-stitched nose and dark twinkling eyes and his open, smiling mouth makes him a very friendly looking bear.

He wears a very fetching scarf, tied in a bow.


Lares is fully jointed, so he can still sit down.


Designed by Isabelle Lee and co-designed by Charlotte Morris

Hand wash cool, with care.

Age: +3 years.