2018 Charlie Bears DeeDee, 47cm

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DeeDee is a very special bear, as she is a Plumo bear and this is a term exclusive to Charlie Bears. It means that the plush fabric has been combined with some mohair around the bears face and ears, which enables the bear maker to create finer detailing around the ears and face, so the plumo bears are bursting with even more personality than the plush bears!


DEEDEE is a really gorgeous girl, that has an endearing expression that will melt a lot of hearts.

She is made with a very long and thick light coloured fur, that is interspersed with lilac, to give a very delicate, feminine look. She has a shaved muzzle, a hand-stitched nose with some airbrushing, dark, twinkly eyes and sculpted and stitched pads. She has lilac mohair ears and a lilac bib and her look is finished off with a key and heart pendant on a lilac cord.

All in all - she is one pretty, stunning bear!


Designed by Isabelle Lee and co-designed by Charlotte Morris

Hand wash cool, with care.

Age: + 3 years